Napanee, Ontario

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179 West St., Napanee, K7R 2P6

Ph. 1 (613) 354-5354

Email: stpatrick.napanee@gmail.com

Daily Reading Communion to the sick

The Visiting Ministry has the purpose of ministering to those members of our parish community who are not able to participate in our parish life, particularly the shut-in, the ill and the disabled.  Members of the Visiting Ministry try to help these people in their spiritual needs by distributing Holy Communion; they regularly visit the Lennox& Addington County General Hospital, as well as local area homes for the elderly and special needs facilities in our parish as a John Parrott Centre, The Riverine, Village Green .  On request they also distribute Holy Communion to infirm parishioners in their homes.

As with any outreach ministry, Visiting Ministry activities can, at times be physically and emotionally challenging; however, if the activity resonates with the individual the rewards are beyond description.