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179 West St., Napanee, K7R 2P6

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Daily Reading eucharistic Ministers

Due to the large number of parishioners who worship at St. Patrick’s Church, it is necessary to utilize the services of lay people to distribute Holy Communion during mass.  These individuals are known as “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion, with priests or deacons being the “Ordinary” Ministers.  The service of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in the faith community is both a great privilege and a deeply humbling experience as one is given the opportunity to connect with others on such a profound level.

In order to prepare our members for the ministry we provide a structured orientation and training program. Members are scheduled to serve according to their mass time preferences and their availability. Above all, members must be secure in their own faith and be dedicated to the “sacrament of unity and love”.

Serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion during mass is a continuous reminder that, though many, we are one body because we share the one bread.  At the core of this ministry lie the love of God and the love of neighbour.