Membership:  Fees for 2017 are $20.  All women aged 16 years and older are encouraged to be a member of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.

The level of involvement in the CWL varies for each member.  Not all members are able to attend meetings or participate in the many events sponsored by the CWL; whereas others choose to embrace leadership positions and assume a more visible role.  Whatever level of involvement is right for YOU is right for St. Patrick’s Catholic Women’s League.

Your membership is important when it comes to the collective CWL voice in matters of national legislation.  The CWL represents thousands of women coast to coast.  Your membership adds to our number and as a result we are listened to and respected by the policy makers of our country.  Let your voice for Catholic values be heard by purchasing your membership each year.

Included in your membership is The Canadian League magazine (published three times per year) which will keep you informed of League business and projects and in contact with other members across Canada.

Napanee, Ontario