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179 West St., Napanee, K7R 2P6

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Daily Reading

The Act of Giving our treasure is a form of worship—a “giving back” to the Lord for all He has given to us. Intentional giving is the act of giving an intended gift to our parish with consistency. When parishioners decide how much to give in their offering, their intent is to give that amount on a regular basis without interruption. However, all parishioners miss at least a few weekend Masses each year due to poor weather, health or travel. Those who use Electronic Giving experience peace of mind because they know that, regardless of what happens, their offerings always reach the parish. For more information or to sign up, contact the parish office or visit the parish website and click on the “Give Online” button.

Leaving Your Affairs in Order

The following are suggestions to make sure your life is in order before God calls you:

-Draft a will

-Leave enough liquid cash in an obvious location to sustain your survivors to pay the expenses of your estate

-Plan your own funeral and burial

-Leave no financial debt

-Write your own obituary

-Organize your records

-Choose a time to openly discuss these plans with loved ones

Estate Planning

Please consider our parish through

-Your Will or Trust

-Retirement Assets

-Life Insurance Policies

-A Life Income Gift which will provide you with payments for life and ultimately will benefit our parish.

For more information, call Parish Office at 613-354-5354

Fr. MarekChochrek

Parish Priest

Mary Lou Immerseel

Parish Secretary

Fr. Peter Murphy

Emeritius Priest